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    Is there a particular strain that would ease my arthritis discomfort?

    I want relieve. I am not interested in getting high

  • Zeus asks...

    CBD vs Medical cannabis?

    Hi, anyone know whats the major difference in actual effectiveness when u take either? Why would anyone need to take medical over CBD, do they have much different purposes?

  • Selene asks...

    If you take too much dosages, can you sleep WAY too long, like over 9-10 hrs?

    Just wondering if it can just increase sleep QUALITY or duration?

  • Karma asks...

    How does CBD work?

    Looking to make sure it’s not harmful.

  • Mariam8 asks...

    Will CBD get me high?

    I have my mom with this issue with sleeping at night, there are some nights when she can only sleep for an hour or two or nothing at all, I know cbd oil will help her treat this, however she is on her 70’s and I don’t wanna give her something that will make her high

  • Snapper Mike asks...

    What is the difference between sativa and Indica strains?

    I'm curious to know which strain is better for my anxiety indica or sativa?

  • Mariam8 asks...

    How does cannabis help with cancer treatment?

    I am very interested in getting more info about this specific topic because I have a family member that is going through a really hard battle fighting cancer , she is a mother of 2 , she is 35 years old and I would love to be able to help her out . Tha k you budz!

  • Snapper Mike asks...

    How does cannabis work to heal PTSD?

    I have a friend that came back from afganistan and is struggling with PTSD. I would like to know more on how cannabis can help him.

  • GENE asks...

    Which cannabis strains are best for treating anxiety?

    Please list a few names of strains that have worked for you or a loved one.

  • GENE asks...

    Is Cannabis Addictive?

    Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge about someone that became addicted to cannabis?



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