Business Services

Advertising or promoting your business, company or idea on our platform gives you an unparalleled exposure to the customers that truly matter. We give you the power to establish your brand presence and take the market share that you truly deserve.

We have created ample avenues for businesses looking to take advantage of the rich market our platform offers. We are the first and only social healing platform dedicated to sharing the healing testimonies of cannabis.

We are bringing people together, providing a platform for support, information and healing for millions across the country using cannabis.

We are at the prime spot in history, and the emerging cannabis industry supported by millions across the country, puts us at a vantage position to tell your story.

It’s your choice… You can become one of our success stories.

There are several ways to get involved:

Ad listings

we offer free and paid ad listings in-app and on web. The ad listings gives your brand an unparalleled exposure in chat forums and threads.

Static Banners

Make the most of premium ad exposure by subscribing to our static banners. Our static banners are strategically positioned throughout the platform to give your business the right view.


Pictures they say tell a thousand tales, imagine the power of videos. We offer video advertising and ad placements for business throughout the platform.



To have one of our Marketing Budz send you more information, click the link below or send us an email at and we will get back to you.



Creating an ad on Healing Budz is a breeze. The process to getting your cannabis products and or services shown to millions of people involves just 3 steps;

  • Create a Free personal profile on Healing Budz
  • Click on Create a Premium Budz Adz Listing
  • Make your payment and Wa La! You’re Ad is Live!